Thursday, 5 July 2007

Greenpeace advert doesnt work

Greenpeace have a neat and direct message in a new ad here.

If you dont do something about global warming now you and your children will hear about it.

I get the message. It makes sense to me but it doesnt really push me in to thinking more about this issue and its effects on my children. No, not really. Probably because I dont have any children. I'm not planning on any soon either. Also, I hear the real effects of global warming will take place well after I die.

So why do I care? Really, why?

This is the sort of question that hits more and more people that come in to contact with campaigns such as the one by Greenpeace. Green campaigns are imaginative, smart, young and exciting but does the idea of being a smarter greener person really stem from ones fundamental desire to save the planet?

In the majority of cases I dont think it is.

Hybrid cars are cheaper to run in the long term.
Green shopping portals offer cool incentives and make you feel better.
Local food is good for your health.

Its all about you.

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