Friday, 29 June 2007

5 reasons local food is better

Keeping close to the subject of green smartness and fat fighting, Michele Morris has written a great article on the benefits of shopping for local food in season.

Here is a summary;

  1. When something is in season theres probably more of it which means cheaper food yay!

  2. Local food in season is going taste better because it wont suffer the effects of transportation and its related preservation efforts.

  3. You get variety if you go for seasonal stuff. Stick to seasonal food and your diet and life will be varied. Your tummy will be pleased too!

  4. Since local food doesn't travel so far, you're not adding to transportation polluting. Good job!

  5. Looking for local season foods means that frozen pizza finds itself at the bottom of you shopping list if at all on it. Eating local seasonal food is great for your body. Treat yourself right and be happy.

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