Thursday, 5 July 2007

Coca Cola green report

Coca Cola released their Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report for last year. Its here.

Always good to read up on a companies efforts to be kind to the environment and everyone within it. Does add value to their product. Pepsi, where are you?

I'd like to see some handy summaries available to those of us that cant be reading 60 pages in PDF format. In the mean time, here are some highlights:
  • Average water used to make 1 litre of beverage 2005 was 1.95 litres. In 2006 it was 1.85 litres. Maybe they're selling less?

  • Coca Cola use hybrid truck to deliver their drinks. These trucks convert breaking energy in to supplementary power which end up adding to their fuel efficiency by up to 32%.

  • Vending machines make up a significant proportion of Cokes energy consumption. They have newer lighter types that have been rolled out across Europe which boost energy efficiency up to 35%. Lovely.

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